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This is the Live Footie app for Windows Phone 7.

Live Footie was my first app, which came out of a need to generate more Facebook updates to let my friends know when Manchester United scored against mainly teams they supported :-P

It was fun to easily and quickly be able to post to Facebook from my phone, but then over the end of 2011 my motivation died a bit as the details became more than the actually bulk and also the submission process to the AppHub loomed like a mountain in front of me.

It wasn't before February of 2012 before I had pulled up the energy to put in the hours to get the app finished, which was a great feeling to get it pushed and actually see people downloading, but apparently it was mainly me that used the post to Facebook function.

After using loads of time following the statistics of the app and developing the app more and more each week it was time to admit that this just wasn't going to be a massive success. So time to start a new project even though there is still a long list of stuff I want to do with this app.

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Download Live Footie here!